• Beautifully Crazy Europe 2014

    PPL logo ad on a jtbc program: Beautifully Crazy Europe from a consuming platform YAP
    The opening bumper is introducing the product with the program story lines

  • Cone Girl 2014

    TV promotion for a David Fincher’s brand new film Gone Girl.
    Baek, Ji-Yeon, a famous female news anchor, introduces the suspenseful features of the
    film on a news show program.

  • Slow Video 2014

    Commercial film for a Korean film Slow Video, which is released on the cinema on 2nd of October 2014

    A popular Internet BJ: Dea Do Seo Gwan invited a director of the Slow Video, Kim, Young Tak,
    as a radio talk show guest. They are talking about stories from the listeners and
    scenes from the film as like a radio station on the TV programs.

  • MAZE RUNNER 2014

    Internet advertising for The Maze Runner, which is screened on 18th September of 2014

    A famous Internet BJ (Dea Do Seo Gwan) is doing a comic experiment with controversial
    points in the film, and leading the story as a form of RPG Game in the two different versions.